Zero interest loan: better understand

The Zero Rate Loan is an advantageous inspector for the subscriber of a mortgage. An inspector complementary to the main loan eligible for first-time buyers. But also, one of the conditions for obtaining the new zero-rate loan is the reference tax income of the household. Discover our focus on the new zero rate loan revisited

Loan purchase with mortgage: how does it work?

What exactly is the repurchase of credit with mortgage? Who is this mortgage repurchase offer for? What are the different offers to buy mortgages? Discover our article about restructuring with guarantee! What is the repurchase of credit with mortgage? What is the repurchase of credit with mortgage? This is a loan that allows you to

Takeover of loans, what you need to know before you start

  The repurchase of loans is democratized. More and more French people are using this financial transaction to benefit from low interest rates. It’s also a way to optimize bank from your home in the long run. However, before initiating any process of grouping loans, it is necessary to have in mind the following five

Negotiate the best offer of home loan or buy back credit?

When subscribing to a mortgage or loan buyback, it is quite possible to negotiate certain points of the contract! Discover the different points that you can negotiate for a mortgage or debt restructuring! How to negotiate the best offer? How to go about negotiating the best credit offer? First of all, it is necessary to

China sets up bank deposit guarantee

The People’s Bank of China announced on Sunday the creation, in early 2015, of a public fund guaranteeing accounts up to 65,000 euros per individual, if a financial institution collapsed. Expected for a long time and presented as an important step in the opening of the Chinese economy, a guarantee of bank deposits will be