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22.02.2017 – Insurance tip


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Whether Kölle Alaaf or Mainz Helau: The fifth season is for many the most beautiful. But where much is celebrated, the accident risk increases. CosmosDirekt explains what has to be considered in terms of insurance coverage.

Being different for another day – the jeckens are living this dream again in 2017 and are once again mixing up the carnival strongholds in their colorful costumes. As party people make sure that only beautiful memories of the party marathon and what insurance in the event of a fall, explains CosmosDirekt insurance expert Bernd Kaiser.

Train free for the Jecken!
Residents of the streets where the removals take place should park their car at a safe distance. "Who avoids the place of the action when parking protects the sheet from scratches or bumps," said Bernd Kaiser, insurance expert at CosmosDirekt. "If the car but damage caused, usually comes the liability insurance of the causer on." But what if the culprit is not found or long over all mountains? In this case, the comprehensive insurance covers the damage to your own vehicle.

Schnipp, snap, tie off
It is true that Carnival friends are allowed to slip into the role of another between Women's Carnival and Ash Wednesday. However, if a mishap happens, it is best to drop the mask. Because the private liability insurance pays, if something breaks. However, only if the causer has not acted deliberately: Fools, for example, on the Carnival Thursday with scissors on ties go off, can not rely on insurance. The textile crime can be so expensive – especially if the tie of the "victim" in retrospect turns out to be a designer piece.
Carelessly sway – even at home
If you open your own four walls for a joke, then you should plan like all other parties. Safely store valuables such as notebooks, tablets, jewelery or money in cupboards and then open the fool's nest to the fool's nest. The reason: "The insurance only provides a proven burglary theft. If a party guest steals objects, there is no insurance cover, "says Bernd Kaiser. If, despite all precautionary measures, an insured event occurs, it is advantageous for the regulator to be able to show owners photos and invoices of the stolen objects.

Party mood instead of points in Flensburg
Even the most beautiful carnival celebration is over. Anyone who has drunk alcohol should rather take a taxi instead of getting into the car or on a bike. Already from 0.3 per thousand threatened driving license withdrawal, points in Flensburg and a fine. There is another good reason not to take to the wheel in such a case: "A car accident under the influence of alcohol can cost insurance coverage," emphasizes Bernd Kaiser. Attention: Already from 1.1 per thousand the so-called "absolute inoperability" is reached, ie the probability of causing an accident is ten times higher than in a fasted state.

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